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Book Review: Hands: What we do with them - and why

Nearly everyone has hands, which is why we don’t pay much attention to them. They’re such an essential part of our lives that we incorporate them into our language. ‘Lending a hand’, ‘forcing someone’s hand’, ‘getting out of hand’... Hand-related idioms pepper our everyday speech and written texts, and this is common across multiple languages. And that is how Leader’s book caught my attention. When something is such a core part of who we are, we don’t necessarily think about it, and that to me means there is a lot I can learn about it. The book examines what we do with our hands and why, as well as how these functions have been viewed in different times. Some of the tangents he runs off on m

Make Room for Fun in Fandom: Observations by a Fan

Sometime last year I noticed that a Twitter mutual from the Philippines was in Singapore. As I had a great time meeting a Twitter mutual in Paris and building two wonderful new friendships, I thought I'd pay it forward, thus I asked if she'd like to hang out. We met up for coffee, chatted for hours about books and writing and creative life, and from that day on, it was as if she and I had known each other for ages. I am floored by how open and encouraging she is especially of fandom creators. Recently, I realized that the creators I interview tend to be from the UK or the US. That is all well and good, but I am Singaporean, and I feel like I should also highlight creators from this region. P

Comics Writing 101, or How I Learned It's All Street Rules

(This guest post is written by Julian Smith. You can find him on Twitter @jsswrites87 and on Instagram @jayjackets) AK: I can't remember when Julian and I first began chatting but it wasn't too long ago. We both admire Samoa Joe very much and that was a jumping-off point to a new friendship. A few weeks ago, Julian shared that he writes comics and I thought it'd be fun to ask him to share some tips on how to write a comics script, since it requires a very different set of skills than writing prose.) Writing is something everyone thinks they can just jump into doing, but comics writing especially is something every comic fan thinks they are able to do. Every once in a while we get fumbling wo