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一日丢一物 Daily Discards

I was tired of my clutter and decided to embark on an intentional decluttering exercise. Rather than just bundling up stuff I didn't like haphazardly, I decided to go slow. For each day of January, I chose one object or one set of objects to get rid of. Before throwing them away, I took a photo of them and (outside of the first two days, when I just started) tweeted a sentence or two about why I was getting rid of them. It helped me rationalize to myself why I did not need the item, and that I will not need a replacement for it.

Have you decluttered recently? What do you do to get rid of stuff that you no longer need?

You can find my entire January's worth of declutter chatter with this hashtag #一日丢一物. Behold, my January discards:

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