Fragile Vessel

When you have to decide between what is right for the world and what is right for you, what do you choose?
Set in a world with qi masters, dream psychics, and floating palaces, Fragile Vessel is a story about choices and the people who have to make them.
(Mature content)

The chivalrous and righteous hero is honest in words, effective in action, faithful in keeping promises, fearless in offering his own life to free the righteous from bondage.

~ Sima Qian

Image by Chris Chow

Chapter 1:

A wealthy merchant with a reputation of generosity and honor is asked by a legendary heroine to shelter an orphan for a short while. He is taken aback when he notices that the orphan girl is not quite human. And there is something she requires of his sons...

Chapter 2:

A rift grows between the merchant Hu Tianyi and the rest of his family, who adore the orphan child Leng Xiang. Tensions come to a head between Hu Tianyi and his wife when the child is to go with Master Bai, the woman who rescued the girl.


Chapter 3:

A street urchin tries to pick a purse belonging to one of two strangers in town. She is caught by Leng Xiang, but, instead of being turned over to the authorities, she receives an offer that may just change her life.

Chapter 4:

The street urchin is brought to the Valley of Butterflies, where Leng Xiang and her teacher Master Bai live. There is also a blind young man, Du Kuang, who appears to harbor a grave secret of his own.