• A.K. Lee

Diving In

Well, here we are.

After 3 years of writing, editing, fretting, editing, fretting, and a healthy dose of "What the HELL am I doing?", I am about to face the world as an author. It is a terrifying leap of faith to put my writing out for you, but as an avid reader myself, I am aware that some of my words may mean a great deal more to you than I can dare to hope.

The original story was a simple romance, but after many, many discussions over innumerable cups of peppermint mocha with my lovely editor Samantha De Silva, the people and culture of Aleis has become something far more real and complicated. That makes writing a lot more challenging and fulfilling. Of course, there were times I yelled at my characters for acting in ways I didn't need them to act, and saying things I never imagined them saying, but that's what people do. I'm glad my characters have become real enough to argue with me (albeit in my head).

The Kaedin Secret is the first in a planned series, published by Firewords, and I am looking forward to sharing my characters with everyone. Rilt, Kayle, Gareth, Naelen, Wolvam, Galena, Liria... They are near and dear to me, and I hope you will befriend them too.

Be kind, be courageous, and be yourself. Always.

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