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Looking Forward

I'm not a huge fan of resolutions, but the New Year always feels like a good time to start new things. I don't have huge goals for 2020, but there are a few targets I am aiming for.

1. Daily exercise

I need to work out everyday. I hate exercising, however. The idea of sweating in the gym for hours or running in the heat of Singapore's climate grosses me out. My compromise is to do at least twenty minutes of exercise at home a day, after I have dealt with my cats and my plants.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

I've never liked drinking water. Thankfully, I can quench my thirst with infusions and teas. I just need to do so more often. My current goal is a full 1.5L jug per day; all I have to do is continue with what I'm doing.

3. Complete projects

Starting is glamorous and exciting, but completing a project takes a lot of persistence and sheer pigheaded stubbornness. I have two projects that I want to wrap up in 2020, so that i can embark on new challenges with a lighter heart.

4. Enjoy life as it happens

The world is in a terrible state, but there is still beauty and grace. I want to remember to appreciate what I am going through and savor the moment. Meditation will help with that, so the aim for 2020 is daily meditation for at least ten minutes.

5. Read for 15 minutes at the minimum daily

I read fast. I just need to be more consistent. I have a o-read list ready, and I am looking forward to reviewing them in the coming year.

There we go! These are my goals for 2020. Here's to keeping them till the end of next year!!

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