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flash fiction: a boy asked for help today

grayscale image of a boy with his chin on his fists, staring thoughtfully to the right of the photo

a little six-year-old boy came up to me today, holding a plastic bag full of cold beverages, and asked me if i could help him open the gate to enter his condominium block.

unfortunately, i'm from a different block so my passkey wouldn't unlock his gate, and he didn't know his unit number.

'i know my daddy's phone number though.'

so i called his father.

while calling his dad who didn't answer (who would answer a call from an unfamiliar number these days?), their domestic helper showed up and unlocked the gate for him, and he entered with a smile of thanks and a little wave.

i texted the father afterwards to explain what happened.


i think about how nervous the boy might have been to approach another adult, one whom he didn't know, and trust that she's able to help somehow.

and i think about how he didn't know his home address but memorized his dad's number, because his dad would be able to put everything right, of course he would, even if the boy forgot his keys on a thursday afternoon after school, and his dad's working in an office far far away from home.

and i think, this is prayer.

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