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Hiatus Announcement

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I am announcing that after the November newsletter, Story+Story will take a hiatus until March as I wish to work on my existing short stories as well as tidy up what I have written of Fragile Vessel. I’ve found that writing Fragile Vessel in English is too challenging considering the actual ideas I have, and so I am attempting to write it in Chinese instead, which is a different kind of challenge and one I am (at the moment) enjoying. Who knows? Perhaps I can be a bilingual author for real!

What’s going to happen next is that I will take down the chapters of Fragile Vessel currently on my website at the end of the year. In their place will be the short stories I’ve written so far, publishing as I edit them. I’m also going to focus on writing the final draft of The Kaedin Forge, which has taken me too damn long if I may say so myself.

Thank you for indulging my first drafts for the past 30 months. I would not have written as much as I have if not for Story+Story. Some of you have sent me very kind messages and I will treasure all of them.

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1 comentario

Luke Bannon
Luke Bannon
03 dic 2023

Understandable. Best of luck

Me gusta
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