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I interviewed Bryan Fuller (!!!)

I have been sitting on this personal achievement for a few months, but I can now share that I have accomplished a MAJOR personal goal of 2019.

In 2019, I decided to interview creators from different walks of life and ask them about their creative discipline or routine. At the top of my wishlist of people to interview was Bryan Fuller. Then, I joined in the blog team for the Singapore Writers' Group (SWG). We discussed what sort of articles we'd like on the blog, and one of the things we agreed on is that we should have interviews with creators.

As far as possible, I didn't want to republish the interviews I'd already done, so I thought about who I could approach that would appeal to the members of the SWG. One thing about the SWG is that we have a number of expat members; the number of local writers in the SWG is fairly middling. Around Christmas last year, I remembered my wishlist. Then I thought, Heck it, the worst that could happen is that Bryan says no and blocks me on Twitter. I formulated a number of questions and took out those that he'd been asked on other interviews - I knew he was a busy man and I didn't want to impose too much on his time just for a blog post for a Singaporean writing group.

Then I sent him a private message, together with a few pictures of a fellow SWG member's new adopted dog.

(Some background information may be needed here: I am a devoted Fannibal, I have sent him a handmade Hannibal rug for his birthday before, I have met him and chatted with him at a convention, and we follow each other on Twitter. This isn't me bugging him nonstop on a public forum until he gave in.)

(Proof.) (Also: Woof.)

Very fortunately, he said he could answer a few questions. When I saw that he'd agreed, I definitely Did Not Scream (although I did squeal into a cushion and yelled in ALL CAPS to the blog team members - Bryan would be proud of my ALL CAPS texts) and quickly sent him the questions. It took about three weeks before he could get around to them and he sent me his answers, each carefully considered and explained. I cannot express just how touched I was that he really spent time thinking over the questions for a small writers' group website on the other side of the world.

I think the biggest takeaway I have from this experience is to take risks and just ask. Recognize the worst possible outcome, and then go in with shoulders back, chin up, and armed with cute animal pictures. I have my new wishlist on who I'd love to chat with in 2020 - here's to hoping I get to interview them too!

(You can read the write-up on the interview here.)

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