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January Journals: Week 1 (plus 2 days)

I've posted my journal responses for the first week of January and I have already found it to be very useful in getting my brain to kick into writing gear. These are not reflective pieces per se; I am doing these as warm-ups for the creative brain.

The hardest prompt was one which required my character to be a modern explorer; I always struggle to describe places. To make it easier, I altered it slightly to be a future explorer looking at life today. The one I liked most was the one on giving my character a curse. My character had to suffer the indignity of being cursed with healthy food choices and no alcohol (except for Thursdays, when she can have two drinks). I think that prompt helped me understand the relationship between two of my characters more closely.

Here are my journal responses (in picture form). I am not transcribing all of them, but I will pick out one or two at the end of the month that I enjoy and polish them for sharing. Check out the #DailyJournal tag on Twitter (I'm @aklee_writes) and you can share yours too!

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