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Reflection on Creating Daily

Every day in January, I wrote a one-page response to creative and reflective prompts. It has been a wonderful and exasperating time, because I have discovered that creative journaling really is a very useful tool in kicking my writing engine awake. It is frustrating because I should have started much, much sooner. it is amazing because I have used the prompts - most of which are fiction prompts - to explore the characters in my projects and understand them better.

Because of the journaling habit, I have also written more for my current projects over the course of January than throughout the entire last quarter of 2021. It's annoying. At least now I have got the habit going and am looking forward to my February prompts. Check out my other blog post for the entire list.

Today is the final day of the Year of the Ox; in slightly less than three hours, it will be the Year of the Tiger. My favorite poem about tigers was written by a schoolboy named Nael, age 6, presented below in its entirety:

Yes. YES. The tiger is out.

Destroy your cages, everyone.

(I also drew a happy tiger and you can buy items with this design on RedBubble here.)

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